Welcome, Wanderer

First and foremost, welcome to Dotarch! We hope you enjoy your stay.

As a new player, you may be wondering things like "What's this place", and "What commands do I have access to?". This tutorial aims to answer these questions. If you prefer a command list, there's a section here that lists all the ones you'll use commonly.

If you're just starting out, you should read at the very least the below section "The Basics", and if you're ready you can continue reading further down for more advanced features of Dotarch. If you're more experienced with servers in general and/or with Dotarch, you're welcome to skim for what information you need.

The Basics

Where am I? Where do I go to start playing?

On joining the server for the first time, you're spawned into the Legacy gamemode. Legacy is an economy SMP, which means you'll be in survival mode and have access to an economy of Dotlars (the purple D on the right side of the screen).

In the area where you first spawn, you'll see a walkway straight ahead of you leading to three portals: Wilderness, /mining, and Dark Wilderness. The portal we're going to focus on for the moment is the Wilderness portal. This portal will teleport you to a random location in the main world. The main world has claiming enabled, and everyone elses' bases are in this world. Walk through this portal to start playing.

Tip: You can use the command /wild at any time to teleport to a new random location in the main world.

Okay, now what?

From here, your adventure on Legacy begins. If you're bringing a friend with you on this adventure, you can have them use /tpa to ask to teleport to you, or you can use /tpahere to ask them to teleport to you. As you begin playing, you'll notice a bar ontop of your screen that appears from certain actions. This is from MCMMO, a skills system with neat perks for leveling up. For more complex information on MCMMO, scroll down to the MCMMO section after you finish reading this section.


For now, let's get your base set up. When you've found an area you want to make a base in, you'll want to claim it. This protects your base from being looted by other players! To create a claim, you'll need a Golden Shovel. Luckily you can use /kit claim to get one for free! With your gold shovel in hand, right click on one corner of the area you want to claim. You'll see messages confirming that you've selected the corner, and the block you clicked will turn into diamond. Go to an adjacent corner of the area you wish to claim, and right click on this new corner. One of two things will happen:


You've claimed your first land! It and everything on it is now protected from others.

Something went wrong

That's okay, if the claiming did not work there are several possible reasons why:

  • Not enough Claim Blocks. Claim blocks are a representation of how much area you can claim. You can see how many you have on the right side of your screen, the number next to the house icon. There are several ways to get more: Spending time ingame, trading in money for Claim Blocks with /buyclaimblocks, and killing mobs in the Dark World (we'll get to this last way in a bit).
  • Overlapping Claim. This means you've tried to claim an area that someone else already has claimed! Find a new location, and try again. Tip: Server rules state that claims need to be 100 blocks away from other claims, except if you have permission from the owner of the claim to make your claim closer.
  • Not Big Enough. Claims need to be at least 5 blocks wide and 5 blocks long. If your claim is too small, the server won't let you make it. To solve this, claim an area that is at least 5 by 5 blocks.


After claiming, you're gonna want a way to get back to your home easier, right? Use a /sethome. Sethomes allow you to teleport to your home at any time, by running a single command. They can be made in any world. To set a home, run /sethome <home name>, replacing <home name> with the name you'd like your home to have. Once it's been set, you can teleport to this home with /home <home name>. If you forget what your home is called, you can run /homes to see a list of all the homes you've set.

Do I ever run out of sethomes?

Yes, every rank has a certain number of sethomes. To get more, you should start with Settler rank, unlocked by spending at least eight hours total in game. If you'd like more information on Legacy's ranks, feel free to scroll down and take a look after finishing this section.

The Mining World

The Mining World is a dedicated resource world, where you can do essentially whatever you want to the terrain, all in the name of resource acquisiton. Want to blast a gigantic hole in the ground to bedrock? Go to the Mining World. Want to mine for hours without draining the local resources of your base? Go to the mining world.

How to get there

There are two ways to get to the Mining World: /warp Mining, and /miningwild.

  • /warp Mining: This teleports you to the center of the Mining World.
  • /miningwild: This teleports you to a random location in the Mining World. This option is generally best for mining.
Be careful..

Builds made in the Mining World cannot be claimed and are liable to be destroyed. Before making something you care about, make sure to check what world you're in. You can see which world you're in on the tab list.

The Dark World

The Dark World is a highly dangerous custom-coded world on Legacy. Surviving there is a challenge to be reckoned with, especially on the ground level. It generates all ores in quite a peculiar fashion: Veins are always of two ore and one block of the material. Yes, this does include Netherite.

Why go there?

The Dark World is a source of money and Claim Blocks. To get these things, you must kill the monsters that roam the world. These are generally more dangerous than the ordinary vanilla monsters, and the terrain certainly doesn't make the mobs any easier to deal with.

How do I get there?

There are three ways to get to the Dark World:

  • /warp Dark
  • /wilddark
  • The Dark World portal at coordinates 6666 6666 in the Main World

The Economy

You may be wondering what to do now that you've gotten a base set up. Beyond simply exploring and furthering your progress in the game, an option available is to begin interacting with the economy.

Economy? Whazzat?

The economy is a way for players to use in-game money to trade with each other in a secure way. The economy operates on the Dotlar, or Ð, and every player starts out with Ð1000.

So how do I get Ð?

You can get Ð in several ways, with more being planned for implementation in future updates. Here's the current ones:

  • Trading with other players on the Auction House
  • Killing things in the Dark World
  • Selling Claim Blocks with /sellclaimblocks
  • Server events

The Auction House

The Auction House is a command-based trading system that allows players to purchase items from other players. To open the Auction House, run /ah


Dotarch has numerous ranks that provide additional capabilities to their holders. You can see them and their perks here.

Commands list

Do you prefer to just have a list of commands? Here they are!

Legend: <neccesary parameter> [optional parameter]

Legacy Command List
Command Format Description Notes
/tpa /tpa <player name> Requests to teleport to somebody.
/tpahere /tpahere <player name> Requests somebody to teleport to you.
/tpaccept /tpaccept Accepts a request to have someone teleport to you, or to be teleported to someone.
/home /home [home name] Teleports to a given home, or your default "Home" home.
/homes /homes Gives you a list of all your homes.
/sethome /sethome <home name> Sets a home at your location. Make sure you have enough homes to do this!
/ah /ah [sell] [price] Opens the Auction House, or lists the item in your hand for sale for the given price.
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