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This is a comprehensive list of every command in the TradeArch gamemode of Dotarch. To search this page quickly, on Windows press Ctrl + F and type in the bar what you'd like to find, or on MacOS Command + F and type in the bar what you'd like to find. For example, to find homes commands on Windows, Ctrl+F -> search for "home".

Basic Commands

Basic commands for every-day functions such as homes, claims, messaging, teleportation, money management, and more.

Basic Commands
Command Usage What it does Additional Info
TPA /tpa <player> Asks someone to let you teleport to them. Replace <player> with the name of the player you want to teleport to
TPAccept /tpaccept Accepts any pending teleportation requests. N/A
TPAHere /tpahere <player> Asks someone to teleport to you. Replace <player> with the name of the player you want to teleport to you.
Wild /wild, /rtp Randomly teleports you. Usable only in Build, Mining, and PvP.
Warp /warp <warp> Teleports you to a staff-set warp. Common warps are /warp Mining, /warp EndPvP, and /warp Spawn
Message /msg <player> <message> Privately messages a player. Replace <player> with the player you want to message, and <message> with your message.
Reply /r <message> Replies to the last message you have received. Replace <message> with your message.
Sethome /sethome <home name> Sets a home at your current location. Replace <home name> with what you'd like to call your home. No spaces in the name, please!
Home /home <home name> Teleports you to a home of your choosing. Replace <home name> with the name of a home you've set.
Delhome /delhome <home name> Deletes a home you've set, forever. Replace <home name> with the name of a home you'd like to delete. Be careful with this command, staff can try and find your claims but it's not always possible.
Homes /homes Lists all the homes you've set. N/A
Balance /balance Checks your balance of ingame currency. (Ɖ) N/A
Pay /pay <player> <amount> Directly pays someone a specified amount of ingame currency. (Ɖ) Replace <player> with who you'd like to pay, and <amount> with how much you'd like to pay them.
Cheque /cheque <amount> Takes paper from your inventory and creates an item which can be redeemed for ingame currency (Ɖ) by anyone. Replace <amount> with how much you wish to put into item form. NOTE: Requires you to have paper in your inventory!
Claim /claim Claims the immediate area. Not a recommended practice if you wish to have large areas claimed as it only claims a small spot, but nonetheless it works in a pinch. Requires you to have ClaimBlocks (CB) to claim with. A Golden Shovel is a more flexible way to claim, see /warp Tutorial or run /kit Claim for more information.
ClaimList /claimlist Lists all the claims you have, how many ClaimBlocks (CB) they take up, and their coordinates. Useful for if you get lost and cannot find your home.
Unclaim /unclaim Unclaims the claim you're standing in. Be careful with this command.
Trust /trust <player> Trusts a player to the claim of yours you are standing in, or if you are not in a claim to ALL of your claims. Replace <player> with the name of someone you want to trust. Be careful who you trust on all your claims!
Untrust /untrust <player> .Untrusts a player from a claim you're standing in, or from all your claims. Replacce <player> with the name of who you want to untrust. Useful for if you accidentally trust someone you don't want to trust.
TrustList /trustlist Lists who's trusted in the claim of yours that you're standing in. N/A

This page is incomplete. If you'd like to contribute to it as a player of Dotarch TradeArch, feel free to.