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Legacy is the flagship gamemode of Dotarch.


Legacy is an economy SMP gamemode and the oldest gamemode on the server. Originally unnamed as it was at one time the ONLY gamemode on Dotarch, Legacy is the gamemode which started the server, and has so far been the most popular one by far.


Legacy has eight main worlds as follows: Spawn (Spawndot), Build (the main world), Mining (resource world), Nether (main nether), Mining Nether (resource nether), End (main end), PvP (dedicated pvp world), and End PvP (PvP End world). Additionally the gamemode from time to time releases Special Worlds.

World Name Border Purpose Building? Claims?
Spawn ??? Spawn world No No
Build 20k Radius Main World Yes Yes
Mining 10k Radius Resource World Yes No
Nether 1,428 Radius Building World Yes Yes
End 10k Radius Building World Yes Yes
Dark World 7k Raduis Custom World No No


Image of a gathering in the first spawn.

Spawndot is the spawn world. Originally constructed by JDestroyer15 and adadot, it is where players spawn in for the first time as well as return to redeem crate keys and enjoy the scenery.

Basic Features

TradeArch has many features and nifty commands.

See the TradeArch Command Reference for commands.