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Gogz_, a.k.a. Goggy, "GoggenPog", The Demon of Dotarch, is Dotarch's co-founder and former Manager.


Gogz_ founded NewCadia from a group of friends. Gogz_ also hired Middle_Sand into the guild, who was promoted to Leader.

Dotarch, 2020

Gogz_ is the creator of the legendary phrase "What if we made a server, with like many members and stuff lel" as well as #GogzDidIt, #IWIllBeHokage, #Gogzilla, and his signature color scheme. He worked closely with Mids in August of 2020 to bring TradeArch to completion, and met many of the first players. He then went on DOA for an extended period of time, due to technical difficulties.

Dotarch, 2021

Gogz_ was promoted to Manager during the staff restructure of 2021. Gogz_ eventually stepped down from the role as his real life responsibilities built up. He