Dotarch Server Wiki

Dotarch is a 1.18 Java Edition Minecraft server founded by Middle_Sand and Gogz_.

Founding and Launch

Dotarch was conceived on July 25th, 2020 in a Discord server for a guild called NewCadia. It started as a joke project of Middle_Sand's. She posted a picture of the early server in the Discord, and Gogz_ commented "What if we made a server ... With like many members and stuff lel". All involved in the chat liked the idea, and Gogz_ went out and bought the first hosting package. That night, development began.

Over the next month, all the original staff members (Middle_Sand, Gogz_, DocterBuster, JDestroyer, Rez, and CarrotTheCarrot) worked tirelessly to bring the server online as a simple SMP Survival server. This original gamemode would later be known as Legacy.

On August 26th, 2020, 7 seconds after 4:00PM EST, Dotarch opened it's doors for the first time and welcomed many players, some of whom still play today.

The first serverlist MOTD


After the release of Legacy as the original Dotarch, the server slowly improved as the staff became more experienced. (Dotarch was the first public server the founding staff had worked on.) Several staff were hired through 2020, notably SimmplyDrawn, Squidboy895, and milo_yanno. October 2020 featured the Dark World. On November 18th, 2020, Middle converted the server into a Bungeecord network, renaming the original gamemode TradeArch. On December 2nd 2020, Middle finished a 1.17 snapshot server known as RaidArch, which was promptly was made live.


RaidArch was shut down January 16th 2021 due to lack of playership. During the following months Middle dabbled with a minigames branch of the server briefly known as MiniArch, and then proceeded to update the server to 1.17. The 1.17 update brought in many changes, such as TradeArch being changed yet again to TradeArch v2, the introduction of a new spawn, many changes and tweaks to core game mechanics, a lot of cosmetic changes, and overall polishing. The 1.17 update also led to an economy reset, which is so far the only such reset.

After v2 was completed, Middle spent a lot of time away from the server. The rest of the staff team was pretty burnt out at the time as well. Eventually Middle came back around the time 1.18 released, and brought the Legacy Update to Dotarch. This update renamed TradeArch v2 to its current name, Legacy. It also made some tweaks to the economy which caused it to boom for a while, and some additional changes in the name of providing the best possible experience for players.


Early in 2022 Middle already had plans brewing for Dotarch. Middle had arranged with RealRobotMaster to purchase a small, slightly older server and attach it to Dotarch's network. This server became known as Arcade, and was made live on the Dotarch network January 22nd, 2022. Middle since then implemented monthly build contests on Dotarch, and plans to do more with Arcade.