Dotarch Server Wiki

DocterBuster is a founding member and Manager of Dotarch.


DocterBuster began the process that led up to the founding of Dotarch back in April and May of 2020, with his guild on another server. Doc joined NewCadia after Gogz and Crystaline_ had a meeting about it.

Doc has a background of studying servers, their workings, what to and what not to do, and is excellent at determining practicality and rulesets.

Founding - Launch

Doc was brought into the staff team originally as a Dev by Crystaline after his work with the economy, namely setting up the first version of the GUI shop. His insight was invaluable during the month leading up to launch, and led to things such as the rules of the server, the first TradeArch spawn, the staff application process, and quite a few others.

Launch - 2021

After launch Doc gradually took a more backseat role, watching and observing and of course tweaking the economy and helping with HR. His decisions led to changes such as discord name verification, the addition of anti-xray, the banning of Lightning, and the addition of TradeArch's PvP End in December of 2020.


During the restructuring of Feburary 2021, Doc was made into the Manager of Practicality for the server.